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Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT is the magic recipe for the perfect 21st century IT solution, and the ingredients are the right mix of private cloud, public cloud and traditional IT.

The recipe however is different for every organisation, and the only way to ensure you end up with the solution you need is to build it using HPE products backed up with the services and support of their largest and longest serving Value Add Distributor in Westcoast.

HPE and Westcoast can provide you with the very best in the Servers, Storage and Networking components needed to deliver a fast, secure and robust solutions to your clients, be they Enterprise or SMB, and help at every point of the project with expertise and support for our Reseller Partners.

The pages that follow will give you an overview of these individual elements and the Westcoast team stand ready to answer any questions you may have.

"It's not an either/or world. It's about finding the right platform for each app, workload and service. Hybrid IT infrastructure can help you achieve cloud agility with traditional IT predictability..."

This is how the HPE website explains the business case for Hybrid IT and as they are the only Vendor capable of delivering an end-to-end solution they should know.

Westcoast have the expertise and logistical capabilities, built up over a 30 year partnership with HPE, to support you at every stage of your project. We have the right stock at the right price,with the right people in place to help you deliver the right solution to your clients.

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